Meadow Fresh Goodies

Meadow Fresh came to us with an open brief to create an exciting and interactive digital experience for their new product launch – Meadow Fresh Goodies.

Being able to work closely with Meadow Fresh marketers to extract their business requirements and propose high-value digital solutions is right in our sweet spot, so we went ahead and took full advantage to come up with a concept that delivers across a number of key areas.

The first requirement was around bringing packaging characters to life, which we achieved by animating them within their environment. Secondly, to bring more interactivity to the new product pages Meadow Fresh required an online game, so we proposed a simple drag and drop idea that would work across all screen sizes and is a great balance between form and function.

Lastly, we shot two days worth of video content that was cut down into bite-size web / social clips, which have been slotted into web pages and Facebook post schedule for continued interaction across various channels.

When you put it all together the Goodies experience is what we’d consider some of our best work to date. It showcases our capabilities with conceptualising new ideas and bringing them to life with quality front-end design and content creation that integrates seamlessly into their existing brand and website.

The Goodies web pages are also now the most viewed pages on the Meadow Fresh website, which proves the concept could work for other brands moving forward.