Meadow Fresh Website

Meadow Fresh is a well known New Zealand milk brand that required a complete website redesign.  

This was an exciting opportunity for both Meadow Fresh and Dream Config to explore the potential for a new brand direction online, which ultimately needed to challenge traditional thinking at a corporate level in order to make a lasting impact for the business moving forward.

On the front-end we focused heavily on user experience design to insure a unique, simple and effective layout. We then developed a colour scheme and typography combination that moved away from the existing packaging design. It was important to insure Meadow Fresh was still recognisable to its target audience but also benefited from more modern characteristics we could achieve online. Once these crucial elements were in place we turned our attention to website content, which involved shooting video shorts for the blog and working with Anna Kidman to develop to incorporate her brand photography. When designing modern websites the importance of  all these elements working together cannot be understated, and the combination we came up with for Meadow Fresh is a great example of what happens when it all works out.

On the back-end we chose October as our custom CMS platform to deliver high-value content editing and scalable features that we can now integrate from the ground up. October has proven to be an extremely valuable solution for the more complex websites and promotions we create for our clients and we’re excited for future large-scale integrations using this technology.  

The outcome is a fully-custom website design and back-end that allows brand managers / marketers the ability to easily update their content, integrate new features and develop their brand online.