Proply Prototype

Proply is a brand design / prototype project we developed with a property investor in mind.

The app allows for users to “watchlist” property listings on popular property websites such as TradeMe Property. Once a property is watch-listed users can run feasibilities studies on them to determine how lucrative they could be as an investment.

Our involvement in the project began with defining the property app landscape and how this project could fit into the mix. From there we created a functional specification that provided insight for how it needed to be developed in order to perform the feasibilities on properties held within key property websites, such as TradeMe and The unknowns for the owner of this idea were many, which is why it made sense to start with a prototype to prove concept before going in head first a more costly / large scale development.

The outcome is a working proof of concept that is essentially a stripped back version of the overall concept, allowing its creator to see how it could work with a lower cost to entry, not to mention introduce it to potential partners and investors who are interested in what concept could offer them in return.

Dream Config has helped quite a few startups over the years create prototypes to help them seek investment or test their concepts in a live environment to see if it has legs. Our emphasis on brand design and capabilities with back-end development makes us well-suited for these exciting one-of-a-kind projects that evoke creativity and spawn lucrative new business ventures out of thin air.
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