Where To Next Website

Where To Next is a great example of what creating a successful crowdsourcing website looks like. 

The Mind Lab is a partnership between Unitec a specialist educator that offers digital literacy programmes to its students, which has become hugely popular due to the evident demand for contemporary education in New Zealand.

When it came time to determine where they should open their next facility, instead of making the decision internally the decision was made to crowdsource it.

The outcome is a slick design that was provided to us to develop, which we did using some of the latest technology available. Users simply visit the website drop a pin on a map / their location to register. Once 40 expression of  interest applications are submitted The Mind Lab will  open up in its next centre in that location.

This strategy has been highly successful in terms of seeing first-hand where they should be focusing their attention and future expansion plans throughout NZ. The Mind Lab also benefits from all the user data that is captured via the expression of interest form, which they can use for future marketing efforts.
Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding websites are quickly taking flight in New Zealand across a number of industries, and it’s exciting to help cutting-edge brands continue to develop successful platforms like Mind Lab’s online.