Wild Pilates Website

Wild Pilates came to Dream Config with a need to establish itself as a new brand online.

We worked closely with WP to understand their business goals and translate them into an online  identity that accurately portrays their mantra – health, fitness and the outdoors.

Once the brand design was finalised we focused on creating a simple and modern photography-based website layout that would allow them to scale as their requirements became more demanding online.

Instead of using a low cost solution such as WordPress for our smaller projects, we use a CMS called Craft. Craft CMS provides us with the same building blocks as WordPress but allows us to fully customise and control our development from the ground up, as opposed to manipulating or altering a template to fit project requirements. The outcome is a much more tailored website overall that is easy for the client to use. Scaling the technology as business requirements evolve the way they inevitably do in the early years of a startup will also be much easier. As a result our custom websites built on Craft CMS  have an unlimited shelf life.

In addition to the brand and website for this project we created a short format brand overview video that lives on the homepage. Along with the photography we shot and used throughout the site this content created specifically for the project really ties everything together.

The outcome is a complete brand experience online that engages visitors and speaks directly to the company ethos, which Wild Pilates is excited to share with the masses when in launches in the new year.